Two Projects Set to Film in Leadville

“The Limit,” a television show that follows three racers’ quest to discover the most insane adventure races in the world, will film its pilot episode at the Leadville Burro Race in August. The co-hosts and racers are Whit Hansen, an iron-man competitor and film director/editor; Lindsay Berkebile, a swimmer/world-class triathlete and stop motion animator; and Stephen Nash, a swimmer-triathlete-marathoner and international business financier.

Producers for the pilot are Whit Hansen, Leadville attorney/author Carol Bellhouse and Eric Freeburg, who has worked on Survivor, Amazing Race, The Apprentice and the Voice.

Each episode of "The Limit" will feature a different adventure race testing the competitors in ways that can't be found anywhere else. From the exotic to the sadistic, the show will give viewers an inside look at the most off-grid races in the world and the maniacs who compete in them.

 “Burnt Orange” is a short film observing the end of the world through the eyes of the last survivors and stars Laurel McHargue, Stephanie Spong and Carol Bellhouse. Karen Onderdonk directs, with Carol Bellhouse producing.

Content contributed by Carol Bellhouse (we can't write this well).

 Set of  Burnt Orange;  photo courtesy of Karen Onderdonk

Set of Burnt Orange; photo courtesy of Karen Onderdonk