Colorado Film RESOURCES



The Colorado Film Incentive program offers a 20% cash rebate for eligible production costs. The incentive program covers feature films, television pilots, television series, television commercials, music videos, industrials, documentaries, and video game design and creation, as well as other forms of content creation.

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Statewide location guide

The state location guide offers over 6oo potential filming properties throughout the state, including Leadville. Pictures included.

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Statewide production guide

The state production guide offers over 1000 professionals throughout the state with a wide variety of skills that can assist with your production.

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Regional Film Commissions

Promoting Colorado is a collaborative effort. In addition to the main film office in Denver, COFTM has activated eleven Regional Film Offices, which lend their expertise to filmmakers from around the state and world. Regional partnerships help us market the diversity of each region and identify local support services.

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Note: Crested Butte Film Commission is not included on the map below.

regional-film-commissions-map-2 (1).png